How to use your stitch markers while crochetting + TIPS to give them a better use.

Stitch markers are really usefull while crochetting and knitting. It does not matter if you are a begginner or advanced crocheter, if you are making an small or a big project… You must use them always to get a best result and save time.

When I started crochetting I did not use them because I did not know them but even later when I knew about them I continued without use them. I am so lazy most of the time, so I preferred not to use stitch markers. As a result, I had to many frogs, I had to unravel and undo my projects, I lose time and money, I chained more than needed and sometime less….

I learned as I get older than if you are not a very organized person at least you have to have a routine and use some tools to help you at work and also in life to save time and avoid problems too. Ansd Stitch Markers are one of those tools I use now to make it easy while crocheting.

I will share with you different ways in which I use my stitch markers to crochet more relaxed and save time:

  • To know what is the beggining and ending of a row: Place a stitch marker at the beginning and ending of the row while crochetting in flat or just one stitch marker at the beginning of row if you are crochetting in the round. If you are a beginner this tip is so usefull because you can not recognize stitches very well, so you can miss a stitch at the end of row or on the other hand you can make more stitches than needed. If you are not a beginner it is also usefull because some times we are learning a new stitch or technique and we can miss stitches also. I use them most of the time even I am not a beginner because I want to relax while crocheting, so I just know that when I get to the marker I will be at the end of row.
  • To know how many rows we have made: While making a big project as a blanket or jersey it is good to place a stitch marker every 10 rows. That way you will know how many rows you have and how many you still have to make.
  • To join crocheted pieces: If you have to join to sew some crocheted pieces it is better to join them first with stitch markers. This way it is easier to get them in the right place, mainly the center or corners in some pieces.
  • To know the Right Side or Wrong Side of a piece or garment: If you have a crochetted piece in which both sides are similar you better place a stitch marker on RS, just for you to know what side you are working on.
  • To better count chains in a long foundation chaim¡n you are making: Any time you are making your foundation chain someone talk to you or call you on the phone, so it is better if you place stitch markers every 10 chains. that way you can just count from 10 to 10, that way you do not have to start counting from the beginning.
  • To protect the loose beginning of a already used yarn skein: you already have that skein and you want to have everything organized in your stash, so you can make a slip knot at the end and place the stitch marker. It will be organized and looking nice too.
  • To mark the pattern repeat in a project: there are some parts in a pattern that you have to repeat again and again. It is good to palce markers to separate them and make it easier for you while crocheting.
  • To keep safe what we are crocheting when we put it apart for a while: sometimes we put apart our work for a while. Even if you have kids or animals at home or is you live with other people your project can get undone while waiting for you to continue…What I do is to replace the hook with a stitch marker, then I pull the yarn and it get safe. When you want to continue with your project just have to replace the marker again with the hook and everything is ready to continue.

There are diferent kinds of stitch markers and lot of more things you can do with them. I just let you know the ones I use and I appretiate if you let me in comments your own tips and tricks with stitch markers.

Maybe you live in a country where there are not stitch markers or you can not buy them. I really know that it is possible!

I have some tips for you too, because not having stitch amrkers does not mean thet you can not use them. You have a lot of things at home that you can use as stitch markers:

  • paper clips
  • hairpins
  • yarn leftovers

There are lot of choises. Just let me know if you use them and if you have more tips to share with us. Thanks for reading!

I leave you a YouTube Video from my channel just in case you prefer to watching how I use my stitch markers:

Tip to use better stitch markers while crocheting



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