Make sure that crocheters and knitters can enjoy making your pattern because it is clear, easy to follow and error-free.


A pattern without mistakes will make everyone want to make your designs and will save you hours of answering emails with questions about your design, not to mention that your reputation and professionalism will also increase.


Don’t waste your time and contact me, I’ll be happy to make your pattern ready to be tested or published.


  • The cost of the Technical Editing Service of a Crochet or Knitting Pattern is 25 eur per hour.
  • The time needed will depend on the complexity of the pattern, the number of sizes (if it is a garment) and the number of pages it has.
  • To get a general idea of how long it will take me to edit your pattern you can contact me and we can talk about it.


“Mitones Suave” by Mónica (Pim Pam Teje)

“Bad Bunny Amigurumi” by Mónica Guzmán

"Travelers" by Marina Storm


Reasons to edit your patterns now:

  • Your pattern will be error free, this will make you have more satisfied customers.
  • An error-free pattern reduces the customer service time you have to spend later to solve doubts and problems, so you will have more time to do what you like the most.
  • The opinion they will have of you as a designer will be better, because they will have a better experience with your patterns, that will make them repeat the experience.
  • By having a better impression of you, they will recommend you as a designer and you will increase your visibility and prestige.
  • The Pattern in PDF.
  • Clear photos of the pattern showing the details.
  • Photo of the gauge swatch with rulers on the sides to see the measurements in 10 cm/4 in.
  • If it has been sized, the calculations in a spreadsheet if possible, to be able to check.
  • Information about the amount of yarn used in the pattern to check the amount of yarn used in all sizes (if any).
  • Your style sheet for writing patterns, if you have one.

The time it takes me to edit your pattern depends on how much work I have and also on the pattern I have to edit.

I will give you an approximate deadline for editing, usually no more than 7 working days. It is important that we have a good communication, in case I need to do some consultation, otherwise it could delay the work.

When it is ready and I give it to you, it is your turn to fix all the mistakes and get the pattern ready to publish. You can send it to me for a last quick reading before publishing it, free of charge.

The technical editing cost depends on how many hours it takes, with a minimum cost of 1 hour.

The total time depends on the complexity of the pattern, how long it is and how many sizes it is (if it is a sized garment).

When you contact me and I see the pattern I can give you an estimate of the time and I will keep you updated on what I am using if you need it.

When I finish the editing I will send you a report of the time and the total cost of the editing.

You can pay by PayPal or by credit card. Just tell me how you think is most convenient for you and I will give you more details.

The payment is made half upon acceptance of the budget and the other half upon delivery of the work.

I edit crochet and knitting patterns.

Yes, in addition to the technical editing service I offer the service of translation of crochet and knitting patterns into Spanish, proofreading, pattern layout, translation of articles related to knitting and crochet.

For more details and cost of these services, contact me and I will tell you more.

All you have to do is send me the document in the correct format and with images, keep me informed in case I need to clarify anything and proceed with the payment at the end of the work.

With my tech editing service, you will have a pattern:

  • With clear and precise instructions that everyone can understand.
  • Consistent in style, with no grammatical or spelling errors.
  • With well done calculations, and where the number of stitches, rows/rows is always correct.
  • With diagrams, if any, that are correct and match the written explanation.
  • Professional and representing the effort and hours of work you have put into it.
  • I check that all the calculations in the pattern are correct (I use a spreadsheet to check all the calculations, and I can share it with you if you have questions).
  • If the pattern is sized, I check that the calculations are correct (not checking the sizing, just the calculations of the number of stitches and rows to match the size indicated on the pattern).
  • I make sure that all abbreviations used are correct, maintain the same style and are used in the pattern.
  • I check all grammar, spelling, and punctuation in the pattern to also ensure good understanding and consistency.
  • I check diagrams, if any, to ensure that they match the written description, are correct and have everything needed.
  • I check that everything is clear, that it has everything necessary to be well understood, as well as the numbering of pages and photos, links that work, photos that show what is correct, that all the materials are included.
  • I leave in comments and suggestions everything that I think should be changed, it is your choice to do it or not. Some things are suggestions and not mistakes, so you decide.

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  • Are you a designer looking for a professional translator and/or tech editor?
  • Do you want to know more about my services?
  • Do you have any questions or suggestions?
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