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Who am I?

Hello! My name is Suset Suárez. I have been crocheting for more than 13 years now. Crochet is what makes me feel happy every single day. 


I have a University Degree in English Language and English Translation and Interpreting, and I also work as an English teacher.

Why use a tech editor?

You have worked hard in your design and have carefully chosen every detail. You have crocheted and undone until you reached the result you wanted. 


You have graded that pattern so that it will reach more crocheters, and you have written it down with detail and dedication so that the crocheters who get it will understand everything well. Surely other people have already tested your pattern.



In short, you have taken care of every detail so that your creation is perfect, but your eyes are tired and used to that pattern from so much work on it. 


That’s why it’s difficult for you to find mistakes and make sure that everything is well explained, with correct grammar, proper style, and perfect calculations.



That’s why you should hire a Technical Editing Service for your pattern. Fresh eyes, who have never seen any of the processes, will check every part in detail to make sure that everything is explained clearly, concisely, that the calculations and all the numbers are correct, that nothing is out of place.



What can I do for you

With my technical edition, you will have a pattern:

  • With clear and precise instructions that everyone can understand.


  • Consistent in style, with no grammatical or spelling errors.


  • With well-done calculations, and where the number of stitches and rounds/rows is always correct.


  • With diagrams, if any, that are correct and match the written instructions.


  • Professional and representing the effort and hours of work you have put into it.



Services I provide

  • Check the math of the pattern, so that all calculations are correct (I use a spreadsheet to check all calculations and can share it with you if you need it).


  • If the pattern is graded, check that the calculations are correct (not checking the grading, just the calculations of the number of stitches and rows/rounds to match the size indicated on the pattern).


  • Check that all abbreviations used are correct, maintain the same style, and are used in the pattern.


  • Check all grammar, spelling, and punctuation in the pattern to also ensure good understanding and consistency.


  • Check diagrams, if any, to ensure that they match the written instruction, are correct, and have everything required.


  • Check that everything is clear, that it has everything necessary to be well understood, as well as the numbering of pages and photos, links that work, photos that show what is correct, that all the materials are included…

  • Leave in comments and suggestions everything that I think should be changed, it is your choice to do it or not. Some things are suggestions and not mistakes, so you decide.


  • Once I have sent you the comments, and you have corrected everything, I will check the pattern again to see if everything is ok.

All about my crochet pattern technical editing services

You must contact me by email: celoriocraft@gmail.com



You tell me a little about your pattern, and we agree on the time in which I make the edition, usually a maximum of 7 days depending on the amount of work I have and the complexity of it.



You can send me the pattern if you wish, so I can tell you the estimated time it will take me to do the work.



Once we agree on everything, you must send me to start the work:


  • The pattern in PDF or Word.
  • Clear photos of the pattern where I can see the details.
  • Photo of the gauge swatch with rulers on the sides, so that I can see the measurements in 10 cm / 4 in
  • If it has been graded, calculations in a spreadsheet if possible, so I can check the math in the pattern.
  • Data on the amount of yarn used in the pattern to check the amount used in all sizes (if any).
  • Your style sheet to write patterns, if you have it.

The cost of this service is 25 euros per hour, with a minimum of 1 hour, you will get a 30% DISCOUNT on the first pattern!



In a spreadsheet, I’ll keep track of the time I use, so you can check it if you want to. And if I see that I’m going over the estimated time, I’ll tell you as soon as possible.


You can also pay for a certain time to do a review in just that time, even if it’s not very detailed.

Payment for the technical editing service can be made by PayPal.


You will pay half of the price in advance and the other half at the end of the service when I send it back to you.

Testimonies from clients

Some of my editing works


Now that you know everything about my translation services, you can contact me if you are interested to hire me. But if you have any questions you can ask me, I will answer them as soon as possible.


My email: celoriocraft@gmail.com

I invite you to visit my website: www.crocheteningles.com

On Instagram, you can find me as: @crocheteningles or @crochetinspanish

On Ravelry, I am: CrochetEnIngles



Have a great day, you deserve it!

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