About Me

Hi, I’m Suset!

 I teach you how to understand those patterns in Spanish that you like so much, and you don’t dare to make them because you don’t know anything about the language.



I’m also a crochet pattern translator from English to Spanish, and  I offer my services as a Tech Editor too.


I’m a Cuban living in Spain and I have a degree in English Language and Translation and I have been crocheting for more than 13 years, and in the last year, I’ve been designing my own garments.



Who am I?

My name is Suset Suárez. I was born in Cuba, but in 2018 I came with my family to live in Spain. Now I live in a small town surrounded by mountains in the north of Madrid, Spain.


I have a university degree in English Language, Translation, and Interpreting, and I am currently working as an English teacher.

I have always loved everything handmade, and I remember spending hours next to my grandmother and her sewing machine.


When I was 9 years old, I learned to use that very old Singer sewing machine. But since I saw a crochet hook for the first time, I was very interested in learning.


The truth is that I didn’t learn until I was in the university. My grandmother couldn’t teach me because she was left-handed, and I’m right-handed, there was no YouTube either at that time.

It was while I was in the university when a neighbor who was taking crochet lessons started to teach me what she was learning. It was not easy, but I succeeded.


Since then, I have learned a lot but in a self-taught way, watching videos and reading blogs.

I am very curious and creative. My life is very quiet, and there are not many things that give me as much pleasure as crochet.


I have a beautiful family and a daughter who inspires me every day and who is more creative than I am. And my husband is my partner in everything, my supporter.


The year 2020 has awakened in me the desire to fight for what I want, and that is to live doing what I love the most: designing crochet garments and translating patterns, and helping many people to make the patterns they like even if they are in English or Spanish, and they don’t know the language.

What I offer you

  • I guide you step by step on my YouTube Channel to learn how to crochet from scratch.
  • Posts and Videos about Crochet Tips that will improve your life and that you find in the BLOG


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