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I introduce you my new design: the Arena Pillow. A crochet pillow that imitates knitted cables using the Live Loop Crochet technique.

I’m going to tell you all about this pattern, but first I invite you to share this post in your social networks so that more people can make it.


What inspired me to create this pattern?

Surely when you saw the photos you thought that the cables of this pillow have been knitted, but no, it’s Crochet.

I have been inspired by the time when I lived near the sea and I used to go for a walk along the shore, that feeling of the sand on my feet and the wind on my face while the smell of the sea makes me feel free is one of the best sensations I have felt and that I miss from the times when I lived in Cuba.

That’s why I have been inspired by the sand of the sea to create this pillow. But not the sand of the shore, but the sand of the dune of the beach where I lived. A fine sand that was not touched by the sea but by the air and that took that undulating form that I represented with these waves on the pillow.

The cushion represents for me those walks on the beach, the tranquility it gave me and the sensation I felt when walking along the dune. 

Final Measurements

cojín arena crochet

Materials you will need

  • Crochet hook: 3.5 mm (or necessary to achieve the recommended gauge).
  • 9 Stitch markers (essential to make the cables that form the waves).
  • 3 buttons of 2 cm diameter.
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Pillow stuffing (can be a standard 30 x 50 cm stuffing).
  • Yarn: For this pattern I used Klassik from JES Collection Yarns. Of which 1 skein has 50 g / 115 m approximately. This is a DK yarn (12 WPI) and has a 100% cotton composition. Color: Beige.

    *I recommend using this yarn or another yarn with the same weight and very similar composition. I do not recommend using yarns that are of very dark or shaded colors because the motif in the center would not show well. I also do not advise using yarns that are too slippery because it would be more difficult to do the Live Loop technique.

    For this design I used: 200 g / 460 m approximately.

What you are going to learn with thisn pattern

With this pattern you will learn the Live Loop Crochet Technique that allows you to make cables or braids horizontally, vertically or even in circles.

The pattern is accompanied by videos (in Spanish as original pattern but that can help you understand) so you can learn how to do this technique and everything you need to make the pattern.

live loop cable en crochet

How can I get the pattern?

See what my testers did

The testers did an excellent job, I am very grateful and happy with the result.

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I hope you liked this pattern and that you are encouraged to make it. If you do share the result on your networks with the #ArenaPillow, so I can see it.

If you are on Instagram FIND ME there!!!

Best regards, have a good crochet time!!!!!




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