5 Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Yarns


Do you always buy more and more yarn and when you are going to start a new project you don’t have the yarn you need? ¿Do you want to know what to take into account when buying yarn for your projects? You are on the right place!


I will tell you some things to consider when choosing which yarn to buy. Because buying for the sake of buying and then not using it is not good for you or even for the planet. 



1-Yarn Weight





You must take into account in which season you will wear that garment you are going to make. Also, consider its

purpose and if it is a deco item.


It is not the same to buy yarn to make a summer garment as to make a winter garment. The same happens if you are going to buy yarn to make a pillow or a curtain. In each case, you have to take into account different factors.

For summer garments it is better to use yarns like fingering, sport or DK so that the garment is light and fresh. But, for winter garments you could use a thicker yarn. Anyway, you must know that there are fingering yarns that, depending on their composition, can be so warm in winter.


If you want to make a pillow for your sofa it is better to choose a thicker yarn. This way the filling does not come out (although the stitch and hook size you use will also have a lot to do). For a bag, depending on the type it is, it will almost always be better to use a thicker yarn.




To choose the right yarn composition for your project you have to think about some facts. You have to decide how often you are going to wear it, if it is for a baby, child, or an adult, what types of care will need, or if you are going to wash it frequently or not.

If it is for a garment that you will use a lot, you will also have to wash it a lot, that is not good for your garment.

Keep in mind that there are fibers (especially synthetics and wool) that tend to pill when they are in an area with a lot of friction. If it is a garment that you will use a lot, it is not good to choose a material like this. Cotton and linen are a good choice if you want to avoid annoying pilling.

For example, for babies and children, it is sometimes better to use fibers such as acrylic or cotton. Most of the time at this age they can be allergic to wool. Also, keep in mind if you are going to make something for another adult and many people are allergic to certain materials too.



When choosing the color of your yarn you must take into account if it is for a decorative object that must match the rest of the objects. And if it is for a piece of clothing you should think about what colors suit the person who is going to wear the garment and in which season he/she will wear it.  During the summer you probably use more vibrant colors in your clothes and home decoration. But, in autumn and winter, you wear colors more in line with the season. Although it’s all a matter of taste.






There are countless types of yarns on the market. There are cheaper and very expensive ones. Depending on your budget you have several options to choose from. It is worth saying that being cheap does not mean it has to be of bad quality. There are cheap and good quality yarns and other very expensive ones that do not have the best quality. It is a matter of finding a balance between price and quality.

It is not the same to crochet a garment for a child who will be on the floor, will get very dirty and will stop using the garment in a few months because it will grow up so fast than crochet for an adult who will take care of the garment and will be able to have it for many years.

For children, you can use acrylic yarn, for example, which is inexpensive and easy to care for. So, an adult who is going to take care of his garment and wants to keep it can better wear a garment made of higher quality material such as wool or alpaca.

If you don’t have a lot of money to buy expensive and higher quality yarns this is not an excuse. I have used very cheap and poor quality yarns, the important thing is to put love and enjoy the process. To be honest, I haven’t used expensive yarns yet because I can’t afford them, but I haven’t stopped crocheting. 

Try to make a balance between what you can spend and moderately acceptable quality. There is very good cotton that is not that expensive. For me, they are one of my favorite choices at the moment. And if you are starting to learn, use acrylic which is inexpensive and easy to care for.


5- Love it!


The last tip is the most important, buy a yarn that you like, that you fall in love with when you touch it and see it.

Yes, it is good to take into account all the tips I gave you before, but if you follow all of them without taking into account this last one your purchase it will be a failure. 

The most important thing is that despite fulfilling all the other requirements you like the yarn. Remember that you will spend hours crocheting whith it and if you don’t like it, that project will probably remain in a bag without ever being finished.


Be honest to yourself, if you don’t like it you know you won’t finish it or you may never even start a project with it.


You can buy your yarn now!


With these tips, you can now buy your yarn more consciously. Let’s not deny that many times we buy yarn that later turns out not to be the yarn we need for a project and we have to buy it again.



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5 thoughts on “5 Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Yarns”

  1. I agree with you that it is important to take color into account when buying yarn. My sister loves to knit with yarn and needs to purchase new materials. I’ll make sure that she chooses the best color yarn for her project.

  2. It certainly helped when you informed us to go with fibers like acrylic or cotton if we’re knitting for babies and children since they might end up being allergic to wool and synthetics. I got into crocheting as a hobby recently, and I was thinking of knitting a sweater for my nephew who is turning 2 next month. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for where I can buy acrylic yarn online.

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