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crochet jersey

Sometimes you just need wings to fly. I had wings to fly and I changed my life, I moved to a new country to start a life from scratch leaving a lot behind. Now I use my wings to fly every day to reach my dreams. 


This sweater represents that for me, to fly high and far, to change things to reach your dreams.


It is an oversized and crop sweater that is very comfortable  and at the same time  beautiful. It is made with fingering  acrylic yarn and using very easy stitches, but that makes it look fantastic. 


You can buy the pattern HERE

This beautiful Birthday Crown is very easy to make, and the Pattern is completely FREE HERE.

You can get the pattern in  PDF format HERE, this way you  support my project. 

It is made with  love to celebrate my niece’s 1st birthday. You can make it in all sizes and for everyone at home.

It’s designed with T-shirt yarn because  but you can make it with leftovers of any thick yarn you have at home.

I would love to see the result if you make the crown to celebrate with your family. If you tag me on the networks to see it, it will make me very happy.


This backpack  was designed at a time when I missed the sea. I am from Cuba and I  lived for many years very close to the sea. Now I live near the mountains and have not been able to visit my country for some years.

I made the pattern to participate in a challenge, and it is available for FREE HERE.

If you want to have it in PDF format you can get it HERE, this way you will support my project. 

You do not need much yarn to make the backpack and the pattern includes a video tutorial, so you can do the color change without a visible step.

I would love to see the result if you make the backpack. I’d appreciate it if you  tag me on social media to see it, it would make me very happy.


My daughter gave me a ball of T-shirt yarn as a birthday present and I decided to turn it into a cross-body bag that she would love.

The pattern is totally FREE on my Blog. HERE you can find it.

Yes, she loved it. It’s very easy to make, it will only take you a few hours.

I used a ball of T-shirt yarn and a chain that we recycled from an old bag.

It’s very handy for carrying a mobile phone and some money when we go out in summer.

I’d love to see the result if you make it. I’d appreciate it if you  tag me on social media to see it, it would make me very happy.


This pattern marks a change in my life as a crocheter. It is the result of my first step towards the design of crochet garments. You can find the pattern HERE.

It is inspired by Varadero Beach, where I was very happy, I lived my pregnancy, the birth and the first years of my daughter. I lived good and also bad times there, because that’s life.

Not being able to go there for some years makes me miss the smell of the sea and those bright colors that I don’t see so much here.

The pattern is available in several sizes and is very simple.

I loved this top so much that I wore it on my birthday to feel close to the sea.


I love knitted hats, but I didn’t know how to make them and I thought they didn’t look good on me.

The pattern for this hat is free HERE and you can get the PDF HERE, buying it you support my project.

I decided to design a hat that fit me and that looked like a  knitted one.

You can make it in a short time because it is made with  chunky yarn. You can easily adapt it to your size or preferences,

The pattern includes video tutorials for the invisible sewing in the hat.

If you make it I would love to see the result.

I give you Varadero Top Pattern FREE!

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