What is FIT and how to call in Spanish


When you find “Fit” in a crochet pattern means that something (in this case a piece of clothing) is not big or small, it is your size.



There are different ways in which we can find this word in a crochet pattern, and I want you to know that it is very important for you to know it when it comes to understanding the pattern well and choosing the size and how you want the garment to fit you.

Ways in which you can find FIT in a crochet pattern

Usually, in the section where we talk about sizes or final measurements of the garment, you will find the word FIT.


So I will give you 2 examples, although there may be more, so you know what it means when you find it.


1-You can find this phrase: To fit bust 85 cm

It means it is designed to fit a person with a bust/chest circumference of 85 cm.


2-O you can find it as follows: Instructions given fit size small

This means that the instructions given are to obtain a garment that fits size S or small.

What is FIT called in Spanish?

In a pattern in Spanish, whether crochet or knit, you will almost always find fit in the case of a garment.

FIT in Spanish means: servirle o quedarle bien 

But in a Spanish crochet pattern, there is no word to describe fit, they just explain it and say for which size o person it fits.


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