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5 Tips to improve your Yarn Tension

Tension, tension, tension… We hear all the time how importance is to get the right tension while crocheting a project. But when we are beginners it is no so easy, right? It was really hard to me when I started learning how to crochet. I think that a lot of people do not get to next step in learning because of tension.

crochet tension
Crochet tension

What is Tension?

In case you still do not know the tension is simply how tight or lose our stitches are when we crochet. This is a briefly explanation so that it is easy for you to understand it. With the correct tension while crocheting all of your stitches are as similar as possible, taking into account that it is something handmade.

Although some of us crochet thighter or looser than others we do not always crochet with the same tension.

The best way to improve your tension is just practicing. Crocheting more and more your tension will get better and looking alike.

Time cures all, my grandma said, and this is not the exception.

How to improve your tension while crocheting

1- Hold always the needle in the same way when crocheting a project:

The way you hold your needle while crocheting influences the tension in your stitches. I usually hold it a a pencil, but sometimes I hols it as a knife depending on the project. The best thing you can do to get a nice tension is to hold the hook the same way during the whole project, that is what I do.

Remember that there is no wrong way to hold the hook. There are several ways to do it. You can watch these videos to learn How to hold your hook when crocheting

But, remember that you have to choose the one that feels more comfortable for you.

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2- Use the thread in the centre of yarn skein to crochet:

Yarn is presented in different ways but it easy to use the ones in the form of a cake. These ones have the particularity of being more stable and it is mor difficult for them to roll around your room.

This way, we can crochet in a more comfortable way using the thread in the centre on the cake.That makes our tension looking great.

If the yarn that you have it is not presented as a cake you can make it by yourself, you can see this short videos to learn how to do it: How to make your own skein cake and How to crochet with a skein cake.

3- Correct posture when crocheting:

Depending on the posture you take when crocheting your tension will be right or not. A wrong posture makes your neck and body hurts and that makes you change your tension too. Chose a comfortable place to crochet and a good posture too.

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4- Enviroment and mood also influence in your tension.

Your mood influences your tension . If you are stressed your tension changes and also if you are relaxed.

It can happens that you start a proyect in a moment you are relaxed and later when you continue it you are stressed and your tension is not the same, it gets thighter sometimes.

5- Hold yarn the right way:

We all have different ways of holding yarn and I also show you in a video some ways to do it: How to hold yarn when crocheting. But remember, choose the best option for you.

Just take into account that the way you hold yarn influence in your tension. It can be thighter or looser. So, it is really important to hold yarn the same way during a whole project.

Practice, practice, practice…

Of course, the most important thing to do is practice. You have to crochet a lot to get a good tension in your projects. remember also that your crochet stitches will not look like someone else´s stitches. And inperfection in handmade items is what makes them perfect.

I would really like to read your experiences and tips related to tension when crocheting, so, leave me a comment that I always read you.

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