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Crochet and Knit Calculator

The online crochet and knit calculator is very useful for you. I have made it to save you time and stress in the process of creating or adjusting any crochet or knitting project. I don’t know about you, but I love math. But still I feel like I waste a lot of time on it every time I’m designing a new crochet project. The truth is that I can’t wait to pick up the hook and start crocheting, but there are some math to do first, and it’s very important if you want to get it right. And this calculator will save you time and headaches if you don’t like math. All you can do with this calculator This calculator can be used for several purposes. It will be very useful whether you are a crochet or knitting designer or someone who creates her own garments or modifies the size or shape of other crochet or knitting projects.               What you can do with the Crochet and Knit Calculator:   If you are a designer, you can use the calculator to find out how many stitches and rounds/rows the piece you are creating should have. Just with the data of your gauge and the calculator, you will know in a few seconds how many stitches and rounds the garment you want to create will have. If you create your own projects, you can also use this calculator to do the math for you. By entering the data of your gauge, you can find out how many stitches and rounds/rows the project you are creating should have. If you want to modify an existing pattern, yours or someone else’s, use the calculator to recalculate the number of stitches and rounds your garment will have.   How to use the calculator To use the Calculator the first thing you need to do is to make your Gauge.  Once you have your gauge ready, you can start with the calculations for your new  piece. Enter  the number of stitches your Swatch has in 4 inches. Enter  the number of rounds/rows your Swatch has in 4 inches. Then enter the width you want the piece you are going to make to be, always in inches. Enter the height you want the piece you are going to make to be, also in inches. You will see on the other side of the calculator the information you need: you will see how many stitches and rounds are in 1 inch of your swatch.  And what you need most is also here: The amount of stitches you need to make to get the desired width on your piece, and the amount of rounds/rows you need to make so that you have the desired height on your new piece. Do you want to help? I am making these calculators so that all of us can do the calculations we need in an easy way so that we can save time and headaches. I am a crocheter like you, so if you have any suggestions about the calculators, please let me know. My goal is to improve them and create more and for that your help is very important. Thank you very much for your support and help.

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